It is not naughtiness — it is Bamboloo!
16 great games in one app! You will experience the pleasure, and your mind will become clingy!

What is the Bamboloo

Bamboloo — are the wonderful and exciting games for the mind. They will bring you a lot of fun and joy! And will serve as an excellent trainer for intelligence, memory, imagination, and activation of mental abilities. You will see how you grow and Bamboloo will reward you for that medal! Allow yourself to experience every day intellectual pleasure! And you will always be active, gambling and young!

Personal achievements and ratings

Mastering the higher levels, you can get into the ranking of strong players. Bamboloo records your personal achievements, your growth in all trainees features: types of memory, attention and thinking.


Bamboloo has a system of reward: the player is rewarded with funny medals and receives a high rank, which can be proud of.

«Play Is the Highest Form of Research»
Albert Einstein
«The future of secondary education lies in games — computer, sports, intellectual»
Pavel Durov